Laplanda_MES_SQL_Connect is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) with SQL (Structured Query Language) Database Connectivity Software Free for use and Distribution Program for small businesses and individual enterprises.

Laplanda_MES_SQL_Connect software has Code Signing Certificate, a digital certificate that contains information that fully identifies an entity and is issued by a Certificate Authority.

Alex Kor, MS

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  • Obtain, Keep and Create the inventory
  • Multiple Inventory Storages based on physical location
  • Personal responsibility for Inventory in possession
  • Move Inventory between Storages (physical locations)
  • Join Items for new code (Husband + Wife = Family)
  • Move Joined Items created to any Storage to Personal Possession
  • Track Items, Messages, Tasks, Operations…
  • Create and Control Operations
  • Operation Execution GUI (Timer, and instant report)
  • Create Task Request and Control Task Report, assign Report for control
  • Task and Operations Archive with Print option
  • Message Archive with Print Option
  • Company Structure with SOP print option for each working position
  • Search by multiple criteria
  • Instant Network Messaging
  • Print Forms (Invoice, PO, Quotation, Sales Receipt, Packing Slip)
  • Print Forms to Excel file for editing
  • Create Labels and Barcodes
  • Assign Pictures to the Inventory Items
  • Print Inventory Items Report with/without Picture
  • Print Reports of Operations and Task
  • Share Information based on access privilege
  • Secure Local,Server or Remote Database
  • Remote MySQL TLC (SSL) encrypted Database Free admission (connection string is provided)
  • localhost MS Access Database example (MS Access mirror adds-on included)
  • Option to Create new Clusters, to Delete Tables, to Change the value of cell, to Delete the row…
  • User privileges
  • Paperless internal documents turnover with electron signature
  • Management Documents and Messages with Print option
  • Log for each User operation
  • GUI Tab Color customization 

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  • All operations are supported by PopUp Dialog
  • Automatic arithmetic’s for all Inventory work
  • Automatic arithmetic’s for all Forms work
  • Typo protection with dialog
  • SQL and MS Access reserved words automatic check
  • Table based data
  • Color marking by mouse click
  • Mouse Table Control
  • Multiple Tables for convenient work
  • Search in Tables by key words
  • Sort Tables by Columns with and without numerical order
  • Instant Messages between Users with saving them in Message Archive
  • Encrypted configuration file for local installation
  • Customizable Storage
  • Database Information
  • Option of Database backup to ZIP file automatically
  • Artificial Intelligence algorithm
  • Multi functional Adds-On