Laplanda Theme Player & Generator is interactive software that allows your child to communicate with one of our cartoon characters, have fun, play games and learn new things, such as alphabet, basic math, nature and much more.

PC requirements

Make sure your computer is running under Microsoft Windows operating system. We are currently fully supporting Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 both 32- and 64-bit versions. Laplanda AI packages may have limited or nor functionality for earlier versions of Microsoft Windows and we strongly recommend upgrading it for seamless user experience. Feel free to contact our Customer Support team should you have any difficulties installing or using our products.   


Download “Laplanda Theme Player and Generator” ZIP file. Unzip and click “setup.exe” under “Laplanda\Volume\” folder 

Confirm directories for installation.

IMPORTANT: Laplanda Theme Generator will record your voice. C:\ directory is prohibited by default for saving, so if you decide to keep the software on C:\ drive, you need to take Ownership on this folder. “My Document” directory is recommended as a Directory for Laplanda program.

Wait until installation completed.

This setup will install to your computer all necessary drivers. Follow to the instructions for installation. 

When the installation is completed you will be prompted to restart the computer. After the restart you will find at your Desktop the “Laplanda” folder with Shortcut to your programs located in “My Document\Laplanda\” folder: · Laplanda Theme Player.exe · Laplanda Theme Generator.exe  

After start the program, both Laplanda Player and Laplanda Generator will be launched. You can use both simultaneous, or to close one to start using another.

Laplanda product manual

Laplanda software package consists of Installation drivers and Laplanda folder with Library folder and two executable files Laplanda Player.exe (“Laplanda Theme Player”) and Laplanda Generator.exe (“Laplanda Theme Generator”) as well as Laplanda Library folder that contain all media files including Laplanda character voices, images and customer added vocabulary. 
Laplanda Theme Player is interactive software that allows your child to communicate with one of our cartoon characters, have fun, play games and learn new things, such as alphabet, basic math, nature and much more.  Simply select one of the two available cartoon characters, Lapa Happy Rabbit or Gertruda, from the drop-down menu which is located right below the logo and you can start interacting with them by asking keyword questions listed on the right portion of the screen. You’ll be amazed how funny, but yet clever our Laplandians can be.  
Database of Themes updates and grows daily. Subscribe to our email newsletter or like us on Facebook and we will keep you posted. Laplanda Theme Generator allows you to expand vocabulary and create your custom Theme, based on your child’s new questions and inquiries. Simply enter a new question in designated field of interactive window and record your answer by pressing and holding Record button while speaking out. Once recorded you can listen or record your response over by pressing Listen and Re-Record buttons respectively. You can record up to 10 responses. The program picks an answer randomly, which excludes repetition and does not bore your child, who will be pleasantly surprised how quickly a toy can respond to her or his new interest!   
For advents users: You can control sound Volume, Bass, Treble, Midtone, Speed, Skip Playing and set back the Default Settings from Functional Control Pane. To get Functional Control Panel do press Ctrl+F1 when Program is running.    
For best interactive experience connect the "Oontz" Bluetooth Boombox to any of your home computer devices, and attach the Boombox to one of your child’s favorite toys. Now your child can play with a Toy that is Intelligent!    
Thank you for using Laplanda!