Laplanda_MES_SQL_Connect can be used as a data storage and organizer for different educational programs and events. Education is an important field of knowledge as itself. Good organization of educational process will lead to the final successful result.  Custom Adds-On may supports any field of the educational processes.

Laplanda AI system.

Compact and powerful mechanism to convert the nature of interactions with the computer ability to become AI host.  

Here is the story how to create an artificial intelligence without leaving home. Use one of your plush to make an interactive toy for your child. Create your own Theme and make this moment unforgettable. Start talking with one of the toys in your house, and look at your child’s reaction when this toy starts to answer you. Read more…

Laplanda Theme Player & Generator

Laplanda Theme Player & Generator is interactive software that allows your child to communicate with one of our cartoon characters, have fun, play games and learn new things, such as alphabet, basic math, nature and much more.This package consists of Installation drivers and Laplanda folder with two executable files Laplanda Player.exe (“Laplanda Theme Player”) and Laplanda Generator.exe (“Laplanda Theme Generator”) as well as Laplanda Library folder that contain media files including Laplanda character voices, images and customer added vocabulary. Read more…

Download and installation instruction

Laplanda Portable Computer

Laplanda Interactive Toy. Choose a scenario that will be of interest to your child today, and get busy with your own affairs.Laplanda Professional Helper. If you are teacher, just use this as a Library for your pupils. If you are policemen, here are your orders…Laplanda Housekeeper. Trust your house with an intelligent, caring and economical housekeeper.

Lapa The Happy Rabbit

Plush Interactive Toy. 12 inches. Has an Artificial Intelligence, talkative, answers the questions…

Delivery of Lapa and Boombox: USPS Parcel Select Ground; Delivery time: 2 – 9 business days;Buyer pays: $6.52 – $10.28 (depending on how far ship it)

Laplanda Theme Player&Generator interactive software and OontZ Angle 3 Bluetooth BoomBox included.  

With Laplanda Speech Recognition API and answers, produced by famous Hollywood actor Artem Mishin (Theme Lapa The Happy Rabbit), your child will have a fun of real time conversation with his or her favorite toy.