Laplanda_MES_SQL_Connect is a perfect choice to work with and to keep data by using Security Adds-On software. Property, business, information and personal life are the main topics in this section.

LAPLANDA Smart Home Controller

Laplanda Smart home AI device aren’t just convenient — it’s can also make your home a safer place. And thanks to the proliferating internet of things (IoT), good security practices are becoming less of a chore.


RONIN Thread Analytic Platform

RONIN SIFT Configuration Panel with auto ports and camera SIFTs Electromagnetic field sensors generate the harmonic signal for ADC and transfer over RS-485 via USB RIC converter for Gaussian transformation to the threshold level. Thread detection and assessment in real time.


Dana’s Remote

We’re in the second decade of the 21st century. You don’t need to buy a bunch of expensive equipment to spy or monitor an area anymore — though, some of the best home security cameras are more affordable than you might think. These days, all you need is a smartphone and any of home computer. Here’s how to do it.