Adds-On Custom Application Functions and Features

Temperature monitoring, modbus, monitor OPC items with DataSocket, PTP Sequencer TE, WEB services;

Vision (Analysis including histogram, HOG-LBP texture classification, line profile, SSIM; barcodes including Data Matrix Grading AIM DPM 2006, 1D barcode, Data Matrix code, PDF 417, QR code, unwrap barcode; binary analysis including binary morphological reconstruction to find particles, particle analysis report, particle filter; calibration including calibration models comparison, perspective calibration; edge detection; classification including color and particle classification; CIE color distance, color matching, color pattern matching, color segmentation, color treshhold, contour analysis, contour defect inspection; feature correspondence including corner and feature point detection, feature matching; AVI codec comparison, read AVI and image file, Read/Write AVI with data; geometric matching including geometric matching with calibration, match multiple geometric patterns; golden template comparison including template inspection; image processing including BCG lookup, flat field correction and estimation, gray morphological reconstruction (H-Dome), image lable, image treshhold, magic Wand, math lookup, morphological segmentation; light meter; motion estimation including optical flow feature tracking; OCR; image averaging, color pattern matching, stereo vision including calibrating the stereo vision system, compute depth image; texture defect detection; object tracking, part inspection);

Analysis, Signal Processing and Mathematics (financial forecasting, gaussian surface analysis with offset fit, general least squire fitting, integration and differentiation, interpolation, level measurement, optimization, polynomial, probability and statistics, pulse and transition measurement, signal processing, time domain analysis including DC-RMS measurement, level triggering of waveform, decimating, echo detection, edge detection with 2D convolution, limits testing for unevenly sampled data, mask and limit testing of XY graph, N channel pulse and transition measurement, Parseval’s detection, peak detection and display, peak detection comparison, rational re sampling, threshold detection comparison, train wheel PtByPt ; tone measurements including amplitude spectrum, multi/single tone measurement, dynamic and harmonic analyzer, online filtering, SINAD measurement, single tone measurement; filtering and conditioning, distortion measurement, differential equation PDE, ODE…);

Building User Interface (acquiring user input including dynamic event generation, handling common user interface events, monitoring keyboard and mouse activity, populate tree items, user event generation, using a notifier as a demultiplexer; keyboard and mouse including cell phone towers, drag and drop – initiating a custom drug, and passing custom drag data, handling mouse wheel events, monitoring keyboard and mouse activity; controlling front panel objects programmatically including control references, numeric with units, manipulate a Tab control, all kind of scrollbars; displaying data including change cursor icon, add ring items, set busy cursor, string word wrapping with Get Nth Line method; graphs and charts including 3D Bar, comet, contour, mesh, pie, quiver, ribbon, scatter, stem, surface, waterfall Graphs; graphs annotation, mixed signal graphs, plot images property, search digital data for pattern, Smith Plot; XY multiplots and plots matrix; listboxes and tables including setting customtree item symbols; pictures including artificial strip chart, cell phone towers, histogram plot, polar plot, radar plot, XY plots and multi plots; menus and toolbars including customizing shortcut menus , menubar, resizable panel with splitter bars);

Communicating with external applications (.NET including calling a private .NET assembly, passing data to a .NET event callback, task monitoring using .NET objects; Active X including Excel batch charting, excel-macro, excel write table, get data; dynamic data exchange (DDE); command line execution, I2C host FPGA, image transfer, serial monitoring Host PC, SPI host, SPI and I2C FPGA; LCD module including I2C LCD 2 and 4 lines, simultaneous LCD control, SD card log data; MATLAB and Xmath script including MATLAB script node Fractal and Lorenz Diff Eq.; OLE for process control (OPC) including monitor OPC item with DataSocket; operating system including Windows registry manipulation; program-to-program communication (PPC); using external code including integrating DLLs);

Control and Simulation (Fuzzy logic; PID including autotuning PID, dual channel PID, gain scheduling on rising and falling process variable, manual-automatic control with engineering units/saturation, multi channel PID, PID with noise plant, set point profile simulator and etc.);

Distributing and Documenting application (building stand alone application including generation of programmatic build command line string);

Fundamentals (arrays,file imputs and outputs, graphs and charts, loops and structures, object-oriented, waveforms);

Hardware input and output (GPIO, nodbus, I2C and SPI, instrument drivers, scan engine, serial, sound, system, timing and synchronization, ULx);

Vision acquisition (grab and select video mode, sequence with asynchronous acquisition, snapping, smart cameras, triggered grab, camera with DRAM);

Networking (Bluetooth, DataSocket including Front Panel and Monitor OPC items, EPICS Client and Server, FTP, Benchmarking Asynchronous Calls, bucket creation, file manager, publisher-subscriber, email sending using SMTP Client, upload file, redundant Modbus Masters; network streams, OPC UA, TCP & UDP );

Printing and Publishing Data (HTML report, publisher (oven));

Toolkits and Modules (control, sequence execution, SQL including INSERT to MySQL database Benchmark, real-time including scan engine,statical process control including attribute chart with Pareto analysis, histogram plot, run/tier chart, complex X&R, control chart with Hist, var limits, real-time SPC, zone rule test (AT&T or WE or Nelson)).   

Instruction to embed:

Laplanda_MES_SQL_Connect software supports the application executable created for Windows OS, free from any links, advertising, licenses or any kind of harms or side effects. See How To here

As a data transfer method between acquisitions or typing the Alarm Shared Variables are used. To use the Shared Variable apply the rules described here

The commercial use of embedded Adds-On application is individual and based on the Contract thereof. Basic information is here