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Residential problem in Silicon Valley is resolvable! This solution can be found by using Laplanda_MES_SQL_Connect and the interests of both sides Landlord and Tenant on honest manner with protection of the interests and rights of both sides. Read more…

La Linda 4V68F81 – 2,216 SQFT, 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 40×68 Area, 3 sections, 2 Living area, 1 Dining area. This manufactured home is built to the federal (HUD) building code for manufactured housing.

Residential land for rent

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If you have a land in the specified area, and wish to have an income every month instead of selling the land, you can rent the part of your land that is minimum 5000 sq,ft or  0.1 acre. This land will be used for installation of new modular home from our collection for residing of the local family. You need to provide the sewer, water and electricity for the permit and installation for Tenant’s expense. Read more…

Residential land for rent

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Welcome to Laplanda, a Silicon Valley Home solution.

You know better than anybody, it is almost impossible to be a homeowner for a middle class family in Silicon Valley. But here is the solution! Read more…

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